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Working Out

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Working out is so good for us. It reduce stress, build strength, confidence, lowers blood sugar, helps us sleep better at night, reduces depression and overall makes us happier people and there are so many other benefits to working out.

If you work out, what is your schedule like? Here is mine:

Mondays/Thursdays - Arms, Back, Chest
Tuesdays/Fridays - Legs, Abs, Shoulders

I do Yoga 3 days a week and I also run for 30 mins to an hour every day.

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I'm focusing on a lot of stuff nowadays,

I'm doing a street workout as a main workout routine.

Monday: Chest ( around 300-400 pushups in different variations and dips)
Tuesday: Legs (Running, doing cardio, abs)
Wednesday: Back/shoulders (Pull ups lots of them)
Thursday: Chest/bicep
Friday: Training my handstand, flag, front/back lever, planche, etc.
Saturday: some minor pushups and pullups
Sunday: resting day

Next to that, I'm doing some MMA and frequently riding a bike.

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