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Graphic Balloon - Graphic Design Help Forum

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Site Name: Graphic Balloon
Main Language: English
Forum Description: Graphic Balloon is a community designed to provide a meeting point for the creative minds. The concept of the forum is to help and get help in graphic related questions. Very Happy

Our forum is divided into 3 major parts, Community, Graphics and Premium.

Under this category you can find all the forum related announcements, news, events, contests and discussions ranging from graphic design related discussions to general discussions.

This category gives a place to our Graphic Design School, which contains several howtos, tutorials, tips, tricks, walkthroughs, timelapses, resources submitted by our members.

What's more we have a Questions Area, where you can ask all the questions you bumped into during a design process. You can also find a Museum Boulevard here including the creations of our members, a Fan Sector showing off the artists worthy to follow and a Creative Arena where you can battle with your fellow mates!

Last but not least, this category is the ground of Graphic Requests where you can request art for free.
Apart from free requests you can find Workshops too, where our members are having their own shops and sell their talent.

We also have an Advertisement section, where you can show off your site to the community!

Join us!

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What's new?
We are back! And we have a new theme!  
The most conspicuous difference is the color change. We chose a refreshing mint shade combined with gray to make an elegant impression. How do you like it?

Other notable changes:

>>> Slight logo revamp (used in smaller size it looks better than the previous one)

>>> Sticky navbar
>>> More emphasis on our mascot, Gibi. He's starred in the banner. 
>>> Staff list in the footer.
>>> New topic icons
>>> New post profile appearance (online, offline)
>>> New 'no avatar' avatar

The new theme could not have been done without 10spetter10, Rhino.Freak.
Thanks a lot for your hard work!   

Other news:

>>> There's a new subforum added, namely 'Workshops'. You can open your own graphic store here/ find stores and shop. Note: Graphic Balloon do not interfere in 2 members trade. (
>>> The Exhibition section been renamed to 'Museum Boulevard'
>>> Most of the so-far submitted Tutorials have been added a 'mission'. Finish missions and collect GB Coins! Finish more than 20 missions, and you'll be given an Award. More about it here:
>>> The GB Coin shop has been updated. (mainly prices been lowered)
>>> Some new Gibi emoticons been added. 
>>> 8 Tutorials been submitted to the Graphic Design School
>>> The Graphic Request Guidelines been updated. Be sure to check them, we have put some new requirements there, as well as we have differentiated 2 major type of request options, namely 'Free' and 'Elite' Requests.

Please, bear with us, you may encounter some bugs here and there, therefore we'd like to ask you to report any weird occurrences, also, share with us what you think about the changes!   

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Punbb Rookie
Going dark!
Graphic Balloon has a new halloween inspired theme!
We always had light themes so it's quite a big change for us. 
This time we wanted to favor those who prefer dark themes.

Let us know what you think!

Halloween association!
This time we have a simple posting contest to stretch your mind!

Win a colored profile with a word!

Say it!

Do you prefer dark or light themes?

How often should a site change its appearance?

Seasonal or fixed design?

New features!
We have a new stylish membelist!

Another new add-on! The first posts of every topics will contain a recommended topic list.

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