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Come as guest, stay as family.

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Rules for Questions & Problems

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1 - Before creating a new thread
Always make sure that you have checked the Search because most of questions are already answered here.

2 -How to write a proper question:
Our question form is already integrated with new posts and all fields are important.

3 - Some suggestions:
Please be clear with your questions or problems. Screenshots, links and new codes you installed, will help solve your issue quickly.
Write the appropriate topic title it will help to other members find a question using a search engine.
Be patient, so the answer will come faster;
Do not send PMs to staff because we will not answer the questions through PM.

4 - Additional feature:
When you manage to solve your problem, you can put [Solved] at topic title and help to our staff members.
That can be done by Clicking Edit button, then click Subject and put [Solved] before the topic title like on the image:

       [infos="Important Notice"] Users who avoid to respond on the thread when the issue is Solved, will get their privilege for asking questions suspended. Remember, we are trying to help you, so do the same and tell us at least if you manage to solve the problem.[/infos]

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