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Day 1 - Introduction to the event

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It's been a while since we hosted our last event about Best Of Forumotion, but now we are willing to make this competition once again and give our members a chance to win a free credits for their forums.

And now, making a deeply thought analysis and consideration, we believe the benefits of changing the way how our last Best Of Forumotion competition worked, we believe this time it will be a lot better and easier for everyone.

This year, unlikely like the previous event, staff/s will not choose the winners, instead, we will use our button system and the entries which have the most likes will be the potential winners of the competition. But don't be discouraged if you feel like you don't have enough like in your posts, because after the Like phrase we will add a poll where members will be able to vote for one of the 5 forums with least likes and the winner will be added with the rest of forums with most likes at ending phrase. After that the winner will be chosen by both members and staff/s where they will write their post about the forums which they wish to win.

We believe that this method will help users to have more chance over winning the prize and outweigh the set-up thoughts.

We will obviously keep you posted with new details as soon as we can safely tell them to you. This event will be separated in 3 posts which will be posted daily. This is a Day 1 - Introduction to the event, Day 2 - Rules and Regulations and Day 3 - How to enter.

We hope you stay with us during and after this process and hopefully you will bring your friends to try out this contest and help us gather as much as possible entries.  


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