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Day 2 - Rules & Regulations

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So how does this work?
It will be separated in 3 phases:

1# You will create a thread with a template which will be given on day 3 and members who like your forum in order to vote for it, they will have to press button. The more Thanks you get, the better chances are to win a competition.

2# 5 users with minimal number of likes, will be selected and put in the vote thread where the most voted forum will be added in the third phase. (pre-elimination). That way the winner will have a chance to win even thought they didn't get enough thanks at the start.

3# Depends on the number, we will put all top thanked forums (with one from second phase) in the final thread where people will be given a template to reply for forums which they want to win.

Example wrote:Name: Punbb Design
Forum URL:
I vouch for this forum!

And after that the forum with most replies will get the prize, which will be revealed on day 3!

Remember! Design is not what matters the most. Forum organization, staff, members and so forth are important as well, so don't be discouraged if some forums looks better than yours. It's just a matter of perception.


- All forums can enter, regardless of forum language.
- No minimal posts required (but it's better to have an active board because you can ask members to vote for you)
- Only 1 thread is allowed for submission.
- Threads which don't follow the guidelines from Day 3 will be rejected!
- Your thread must be in English only.

+ You can invite friends to join and use "thanks" button on your thread.
+ You can use "thanks" button in other threads as well without limitation.
+ You can bump your thread every 24 hours after the last reply!
+ Your friends can write in your thread to "bump" it, but please tell them to write some constructive reply instead of just "bump, up, etc"

- You can't create a multiple accounts to vote for your forum (you will be immediately disqualified).
- You can't use Proxy and/or VPN when you are voting on our forums.
- You can't ask/beg for votes on, thru the PM or directly in the posts. (But you can do it on your own forum)
- You can't edit our template when you are submiting your forum. (On day 3 will be explained).

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