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Day 3 - How to join & Prizes

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Welcome to the Day 3!

Starting date & Deadline:

This competition will start January 10, 2015, the deadline for this competition will be February 01, 2015. Members which join after the deadline date will be rejected.


1# The first place gets you 1000 forum credits.
2# Permanent Premium Access on
3# 1 month Premium Access on

How to join:
This is a must-follow submission application, altering it will result in rejection.

Topic title: Name of forum
Example: Punbb Design

The message content:
Forum Name:
Forum Address: 
Forum Description:   
An image of your forum(You can add as many as you want):[spoiler][/spoiler]
Anything else you wish to add?:

[center][b][i]{USERNAME}, If you like my forum, you can support me by clicking [img][/img] button. Thank you![/i][/b][/center] 

Closing note:

We are giving members 7 days to read all necessary information about this competition, that means you must follow the rules all the time and do the fair play. For now, we are enabling Reply to the post option and please use this thread for all questions regarding this competition.

Good luck,
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