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Music Instant

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Forum Name: Music Instant
Forum Address:
Forum Description: A forum created in mid- 2013 , starting as a " blog" has spent nearly three years and constancy has been followed by a single authority while retaining its unique essence : Musical Language and Support

Dare to explore this space and become part of one of the most revolutionary music communities around Forumotion
An image your forum(You can add as many as you want):

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Anything else you wish to add?: The forum has many posts or So many subjects as It Is The Same Musical apathy What has emerged over time , and people are not grateful when I upload a song, Faithful Few That comment and contribute to the forum but , we are a community family , I have tried over the life of my forum contribute what I could earning more respect and recognition of many. Remember, we are beginners, beginners in the world of Forumotion , but would make us very happy you to help us !

Guest, If you like my forum, you can support me by clicking button. Thank you!

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Hello and thank you for your interest in our competition.

Your application is correct and now you are able to participate in this competition.

Please check these topics for more information:

Forum Administrator, Coolyou,
Due to the volume of PMs I receive, I do not provide support via PM.
We have community forums for most support requests. If it's truly confidential, please do PM me.

Useful links:
-> Before asking question,  please use a Search option.
-> If you want to check our staff members click here.
->  Forum rules, this is a MUST READ thread.
->  FAQ (Frenquently asked questions)

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