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How to contribute a skin?

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Guidelines for skin contribution

1# Your topic title must be named as the name of your skin.

2# All submited skins must be on English (Including but not limiting to: images, template classes, css classes, etc.)

3# Your skin must be compatible with Punbb forum version, since this is a Punbb forum.

4# You can use click-to-pay link only if the skin you provide is created by you. (For example, other than that it's forbidden to hide your download links behind the click-to-pay.

5# Some of supported sites to upload your skins:

6# You can always use [ hide] [/ hide] tags on download link and force members to reply on thread in order to see a link.

7# .RAR or .ZIP files with a password request are not allowed.

8# To sumbit the skin, please use the following template
[b]Skin name:[/b]
[b]Created by:[/b]
[b]Color Scheme:[/b]
[b]Template Modification( Yes or No):[/b]
[b]Example (Images or demo)*:[/b]
[b]Download Link:[/b]

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