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Come as guest, stay as family.

Tutorial Section 1.03212014-jq1.9.1

List of Tutorials

IPB Profile v2.20022014-jq1.9.1

Advance IPB Profiles just like have.
  • Author: Tu Vil Amigo
  • Version: All forums

  • Click Here

Invision Power Profile v1.25052014-jq1.9.1

Invision power user panel converted for forumotion forums, mainly created for 15-tronos v3.
  • Author: Tu Vil Amigo
  • Version: All forums

  • Click Here

Private Message list v1.03102014-jq1.9.1

Now you can have a nice menu effect with your private messages when you click on private message in navigation bar.

IPB - Fast moderator panel v1.03182014-jq1.9.1

This is the same feature that IPB forums have to quickly moderate topics without opening them.

Avatars in chatbox v1.01112013-jq1.9.1

Show user avatars in your chatbox.

Fast edit without refresh window v1.09022014-jq1.9.1

This tutorial will enable you to quickly edit your post without opening a new page..

IPB Quick Reply Style

If you want to improve the style of your quick-reply and make it more in Invision Power style, this is the right tutorial for you.

Topic Icons using JQUERY

This tutorial will show you the way to put the double topic icons using JQUERY and CSS. It looks nice but don't use more than 3-4 of them cause it can make problems with Request limit.

Mouseover profile [HOT]

The fancy mouseover profile which you gonna like for sure.

Personalized reputation

In this tutorial I will teach you how to customize your profile reputation.

Google Code Prettify [New code style]

Color for the elements, variables, functions...

Safe Topic Redirection

This tutorial will have redirection page when someone wants to click on some link on topics it will ask the member to wait 5 seconds and decide will he skip or continue with that action.

Awesome avatar effect

This tutorial will provide you brand new CSS3 effects on hover mouse. Hope you like it.

How to put "HOT" topic next to replies

This tutorial will allow you to have fancy "HOT" button next to replies, when you have 5+ replies to the post.

Topic Prefix

This feature will allow you to add prefix to topics when creating new like: [PREFIX] Topic name. Nice feature to have on forums.

Simple Recent Topic System 3.0

Similar Recent topic system, almost same like on our forums but it lacks a few features. Hope you'll like it.

Login (Popup) (IPBoard 3.43) style

Similar to the invisionpower boards login style.