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[Javascript] Online users hack (Show 99hours as last xx hours)

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Well, if your forum is lacking activity and you want to show people that you have more online users in e.g. 24 hours, this tool will help you with that.


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Installation steps:

[panda=js]$(function() {
    var c = document.getElementsByClassName('pun');
    for (i = 0; i < c.length; i++) {
        c[i].innerHTML = c[i].innerHTML.replace(/Members connected during last 99 hours :/g, 'Members connected during last 24 hours:')

Basically, it​ will swap the text for Members connected during last 99 hours to Members connected during last 24 hours, which​ is a great way to boost your stats for visitors.

Closing Notes:

Post your questions here.

Disclaimer: is not using this code and therefore all statistics here are valid.

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