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How to apply for "Best of Forumotion" competition

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Hello all,

Welcome to the first Best of Forumotion Competition.

Since this is our first competition there will be a few rules which will need to be followed and we will try to improve till the next competition and will see how this one will go. If you have some suggestions, please ask here.


1st place
Will earn 400 Forumotion credits for their forums and 3 months VIP access at
2nd place
Will earn 3 months VIP access at
3rd place
Will earn 1 month VIP access at


Your forum must reach these specifications
20 members, 100 posts
All Forumotion languages are allowed.
You can apply only for one forum.
Your forum must be Forumotion one.
When we reach 40 entries we will close the competition and choose the winner!

How to apply:

Create a new thread with:

Topic title: Name of forum - address (example: Punbb Design -

The message must be in this format:

Forum Name:
Forum Address:  
Forum Description:    
An image of your forum:[spoiler][/spoiler]
Anything else you wish to add?:  

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